When it comes to sustainable living, it’s never been easier to make more conscious choices sans the granola!


We’re REALLY excited because for us this is not just a trend, it’s life. Which is why, supported by our founder’s personal experience, we want to embolden you on your own journey. Creating a framework that works for you and your lifestyle, we hold space for you to explore and evolve in a way that makes being sustainable actually sustainable. 


So, whether you want to flirt with the idea or go all in, as your personal cheerleaders and a trusted voice, we are here to inspire you to fall in love with this fresh and modern way of life!  


Customized Guide for Sustainable Living

Sustainable Styling

Clean Beauty Resources

Conscious Home Interior Design

Nutrition Performance + Health Programs

Entertaining Resources + Gifting


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Photos of Stone Sevyn founder, Kathryn Knox‘s former NYC sustainable apartment (by Rochelle Brodin Photography), fresh organic almond milk, and her unique sustainable style (Cara Harmon/ Cove Collective)