At Stone Sevyn we don’t let being green go to our heads. Instead, we thoughtfully promote more conscious consumerism by integrating sustainability throughout products and platforms in a modern and elevated way. 


Now, as consumers become more invested in knowing the environmental and human costs associated with their purchases, we believe this conversation couldn’t be timelier.


Therefore, effortlessly blending ethics with aesthetics, we collaborate with you, corporate thought-leaders, to create visually alluring and refreshing narratives that inspire a more transparent and meaningful connection with your clients. And while crafting these stories, we also develop strategies that help drive and support significant business development efforts, which is the foundation for longterm sustainability.


Brand Strategy + Development

Market Positioning + Consumer Messaging

Retail Marketing Initiatives

Product Development

Creative Direction

Editorial + Look Book Styling

Visual Merchandising + Storytelling


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Photo of Stone Sevyn founder, Kathryn Knox, by Cara Harmon/ Cove Collective in Malibu, California.