Sustainable, ethical, vegan, vegetarian-friendly, conscious, eco-friendly or whatever you want to call it… seven years ago sustainable fashion-focused brands were few and far between.


Yet, long before trending hashtags and brands ubiquitous organic cotton tees, advancing the sustainable fashion narrative were a handful of designers, creatives and industry veterans who had been called to do fashion better.


Disrupting the system from the inside out, and armed with an enormous amount of perseverance/ unrelenting determination, we all abandoned the old and tired narratives, and transformed them at once into one that was more modern and elevated.


This was now Fashion. With a Side of Granola, and for us, we had officially hit reFresh.


Executive Production

Creative Direction



Hair and Makeup Direction

Model Casting + Fitting

Set Design

Sustainability Strategy


Photographed by: Kip Lott

Styled by: Kathryn Knox

Hair and Makeup by: Cindy Gregg

Model: Adrian Hilliard/ Kim Dawson Agency*


American Apparel  |  Assembly New York  |  Anndra Neen

Ashlyn’d  |  Cri de Coeur  |  Fort Standard

Maison Kitsune  |  Megan Park  |  Pamela Love

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Rodebjer  |  Ryan Roche  |  Samma

Suno  |  Stella McCartney  |  William Noble


*Of note, the model was not retouched.