With their luxury fashion brands, fabulous precious jewels, and that legendary Christmas Book, Neiman Marcus established Texas-sized glamour. 


Though it was their extravagant marketing efforts and their ability to create magical wonderments, ones that immersed the customer in moments that made fashion fairy tale dreams come true, the real secret to developing their century long magnetic allure was their unrivaled customer service.


The combination of these nurtured a loyalty so fierce, that there was just simply no limitation to what they could create. Today, this complete immersive experience is called experiential. And it is why there was no better place for our founder, Kathryn Knox, to have transfused that special butterfly magic into her own wings with Stone Sevyn. 


So, whether transfixed by a fashion show or welcomed into a room full of whimsy, from the moment you step inside, know that we have created a space for you to experience magical moments from your own dreams. 


Photographed by: Jeff Stephens

Styled By: Kathryn Knox

Hair and Makeup by: Robert Jones

Model: Agnes Ambrus/ LA Models

Produced by: Josh Goldfarb

Location: Texas and Pacific Railway Terminal in Fort Worth



Chloe | Dries van Noten | Giuseppe Zanotti

Jewelry from the Neiman Marcus Precious Jewels Salon

Marni | Prada | Y and Kei | and more…



*All clothing, shoes and precious jewelry on loan from Neiman Marcus.