Long before being sustainable or vegan was cool, adidas launched partnerships with Stella McCartney and Parley for the Oceans. While unprecedented at the time, these significant collaborations made them an important alliance and fixture within their respective movements. 


Embracing adidas’ message from their FW17 NMD campaign, FOREVER DEVELOPING, we produced an eight day pop-up shop + experience at the original UNDFTD location on La Brea. Introducing emerging LA-based photographers to their loyal brand enthusiasts, three top photographers, Brian Willette, Cole Younger and Marilyn Hue, curated 12 LA based men and women to participate in the NMD photo challenge and exhibition. As guests entered the space they figuratively walked through a darkroom (complete with the latest NMD sneakers, the photography exhibition, vintage tools, and a manual photo booth activation) and then meandered out back to a parking lot party. With daily activations, including a total of 4 cocktail parties, and a workshop with 12 additional aspiring photographers, for over 2,100 people we created meaningful community engagement while driving organic reach and relevancy with both local curators and the larger LA streetwear community. 


With food trucks a plenty, we had dedicated vegan options on each of their menus. No small feat when you have a Grilled Cheese truck, but it happened! Adding a bit of extra whimsy we cut down on our waste by opting for vegan ice cream sandwiches wrapped in edible wrappers. Cocktails were mixed with Chareau, a (sometimes organic) aloe liquor brand who sources all of it’s ingredients from those naturally found/ thriving in California, and Juice Served Here. While smaller ripples, these are the ones that have the opportunity to make massive waves. 

Pop-Up Shop + Cocktail Parties + Workshop at UNDFTD on La Brea

Los Angeles, California



Event Management + Production

Budget Development + Management

Cherry on Top Creative Design Elements

Workshop Management + Production

Guest Curation + Management

Menu Development





Photos by Sansho Scott/ and Erik Voake/Getty Images