While how and what a garment is made of and also where it’s made are important, obviously in this insta-worthy age it’s equally important our fashion choices tell a unique and compelling visual story, too!


In fact, it’s by elevating that narrative around what “sustainable” fashion looks like that enables us to create a dialogue which steers conversations into more meaningful actions and within larger groups.


So, in addition to those ubiquitous organic cotton tees, we believe luxury fashion, thrifting for real vintage and responsible consignment plays a vital role in this visual story and therefore is worthy of inclusion in this conversation.


Don’t worry, this is not about “green-washing”. We know the realities- micro-plastics in polyester, or the use of regular cotton and harsh dyes. However, in order to make sustainability actually sustainable, we can’t discount the importance of it’s cool factor, the quality and then of course cultural sustainability.


Weaving this position into our stories, we’re expanding our ripples of consciousness and inspiring more to do #JustOneThing… which is a pretty good place to start!


Video by: Grayson Wilder

Styled by: Kathryn Knox

Grooming: Thea Istenes/ Exclusive Artists

Model: Lucas Kerr/ LA Models

Special Thanks: Crista Klayman, LA Models



Photos by:

Grayson Wilder (1,2,3), Anthony Chiang (4,5,6L), Simon Lopez (6R,7)

Randall Slavin (8,9), John Cain Sargent (10), Joe Simpson (11)


Styled by: Kathryn Knox


Hair and Makeup by:

Thea Istenes (1,2,3), Kelly Whaley (4,5,6,7), Joelle Kobashigawa (8,9)

Maitee Miles (10), Barbara Guillaume (mu 11), Meghan McClain (h 11)


Models/ Artists:
Lucas Kerr (1,2,3), Toni Muñoz-Hunt (4,5,6,7)

Rachel Harris (8,9), Lindsay Higgins (10), Berenice Marlohe (11)


Floral by: GRO Designs (10)


Special Thanks: Crista Klayman, LA Models (1,2,3,11), Nick Lippman, Lippman Entertainment and Ryan Cabrera (8,9)