Gathered in one of the first LEED certified platinum homes in Venice Beach… over an intimate dinner, EAT creative agency invited their clients to celebrate the dreams they’d accomplished and special moments they’d created throughout their eight years of partnerships.


The EAT team is scattered throughout the world, which meant not all could join. In order to highlight their different cultures and countries, we created an organic and plant-focused menu which included line-caught fish, biodynamic and organic wines and the evenings beverage of choice, a caipirinha. Oh, and a very special cake!


As a crisp autumn breeze flowed, and laughter echoed throughout the home, we held space for their stories to be shared and organic connections to be made during an evening that itself was cause for celebration.

Dinner at LEED Platinum Certified private residence
Venice Beach, California



Executive Production

Creative Direction


Event Management + Production

Foam Free Floral Design

Sustainability Strategy



Photos by Troy Acevedo